"The 125th anniversary of the invention of the automobile"

Participation at the jubilee celebration on the occasion of

“The 125 th anniversary of the invention of the automobile”

-organized by our member museum “Dr. Carl Benz” in Ladenburg. With the help of graphic charts we will show, how the brilliant inventor and constructor Carl Benz manufactured, in a record-breaking time (from spring 1885 until October 1885), from his drawings an accomplished, functioning automobile (patent application followed in January 1886).

This excellent achievement will be honoured at our exhibition stand in hall one at the RETRO CLASSICS in Stuttgart, 11.-13. 03.2011, as well as at further exhibitions in 2011.

The association is celebrating its 20th anniversary

On this occasion two special exhibitions had been arranged: At the IAA 2009 (International Automobile Exhibition 2009) we showed „Legendary German Automobile Marks“ – remembering the availability of more than 500 automobile marks in Germany, which nowadays no longer exist.

At the „AMI- Auto Mobil International 2010“ in Leipzig we provided to the audience „Insights into the treasury chambers of the automobile world – auto museums show their gems“!

Kindly see for the IAA special exhibition 2009

picture gallery: 16 exhibited museum's vehicles

picture gallery: photo impressions of our exhibition stand of 1100 square meters


press information concerning the IAA special exhibition

picture gallery: AMI Auto Mobil International in Leipzig and Klassikwelt Bodensee

Cooperation with the Oldtimer-Service of the GTÜ- in form of a multifunctional helpdesk/terminal concerning „all German auto-,motorbike and commercial vehicle marks“! This „Mr. Know it all“ gadget is not only quick to reply to questions regarding former vehicle marks, it also knows what has been written everywhere about every mark, a real „dorado“ for fans of veteran cars!

We will cooperate with the „GTÜ“ at future exhibitions! Please don't hesitate to try it out at our exhibition stand!
Please find further information on

GTÜ Oldtimerservice

The Association

The „Association of German Museums for Auto, Motor and Technology“ hopes that all museum's enthusiasts will rejoice in the presented exhibits under the motto: „all about mobility on our streets“! We will update you here on current news in our museums!

Our activities in 2010

The association has foreseen an ambitious exhibition program for this year, – shoulder to shoulder with our veteran car friends which are planning in the same manner.

Our program started with the „Bremen Classic Motorshow „ (05.-07.02.2010), which had planned for this year a „Great-Italian-Oldie-Show. Our partner museum for our exhibition stand in hall 5, the automobile and toy museum Norden/Norddeich, marched up with a Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet, after their efforts to load the Testarossa on the trailer remained unsuccessful (simply to large)! The exhibition gained in attractiveness, the special show „Bella Italia“ presented real highlights.

It continues in Stuttgart at the „Retro Classics“(11.-14.03.2010). We had been placed amongst the great veteran busses in hall 8. Our board member, Dr. Konrad Auwärter reigned in this hall and therefore reserved a nice place nearby the chief-bus of Mr. McDonald for us

One month later we had a revival of our IAA-2009-motto, remembering the availability of more than 500 automobile marks in Germany, which nowadays no longer exist, at the „Techno Classica in Essen ( 7. – 11.04.2010). The Goggo Coupé in red /white, which brings back nice memories, served as a model for this epoch. And as also the motorcycle celebrates its 125th anniversary ( the Daimler „Reitrad“ had been put on the road in 1885!) there has also been a very nice bicycle oldie: a HORAX Regina 350, a real darling of the public. Both vehicles had been placed at our disposal by the our member museum „Automobile Museum Dortmund“.

In June we went to Friedrichshafen for the „Klassikwelt Bodensee“ (03.-06.06.2010)!
In the entrance area, hall 7, we showed together with GTÜ a really worthy representative of our group of no longer available German vehicles within our current theme „Germany's 500 former automobile marks“, a BMW Isetta – an eye-catcher and treasured subject for photos, especially for the „little ones“. Moreover we are collecting data about the amazing diversity in marks as well as a list of references to be available in the common media terminal – our “display-oldie”.

Last exhibition in 2010 was the Veterama in Mannheim (08.-09.10.2010), as usual in hall 1, stand no. 4, near the entrance . We presented on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the first bicycle ( if you want to call the Daimler'sche Reitrad like this) – a German product „Made in Ladenburg“ – a bicycle with an engine in the front wheel!

Review of our major event in 2010 – the AMI in Leipzig:

Height of the first half of the year was our great special show at the AMI Auto Mobil International in Leipzig: in the gigantic glass dome we showed (together with domestic and foreign museums) in April:

„Insights into the treasury chambers of the automobile world – auto museums show their gems“!

Nearly 300.000 persons visited this exhibition, which presented many rare and fancy vehicles out of 11 museums of the „Deutsche Museumsstrasse“ (German museum's route)!

Review of our major activities in 2009

Presentation of our association at the „World Forum for Motor Museums in Maranello/Italy“
The association has been invited to present the „German museum's route“, its history and current activities in front of an international audience. The presentation took place at the „Auditorium Enzo Ferrari“ in Maranello on 11th of September 2009.
Our activities are considered to be exemplary for museums' co-operations.

The association is celebrating its 20th anniversary

It had been founded in 1989 by a small group of museums owners, lead-managed by the well-known motor-journalist Fritz B.Busch, who received a honorary membership on the occasion of the anniversary year.

We attended with our exhibition stand a total of seven of the great exhibitions/fairs – a new record. Our stand is a point of reference or contact for many people, who are browsing in the museum's offers of their region – most of them are really astonished by the variety and quantity of services.

Our brochure „Germany discovers its auto museums“, with 40 short portraits of our members and 200 contacts to all German vehicle and technology museums is available for free at all exhibitions.